Training Services

Companies invest a small fortune planning and delivering new technical systems and processes to gain efficiencies while reducing human error and costs. But how can project or admin teams ensure maximum ROI if they lack the knowledge and skills to deliver and manage these implementations?

Setka Solutions provides on-demand knowledge transfer and custom technical workshops to address these needs. We work collaboratively with customers, resellers, and integrators to determine their particular training requirements and the best way to deliver them.

Setka training solutions can assist in any of the following scenarios:

  • A consulting team needs “just in time” product and process knowledge transfer and skill development to deliver an upcoming project
  • An admin team has reached a tipping point in staff turnover and those remaining as well as new hires need product and process training
  • A company needs to get new technical hires up to speed on solutions quickly
  • A company discovers they own the software solution they need but they’ve forgotten (or never learned the proper way) to use it

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