Setka Solutions Inc. is a full service consulting company focused on working with customers, resellers, and integrators to tackle their most challenging IT initiatives. We offer a range of tactical solutions in any phase of your project, specializing in the areas of AD Migration & Management, AD Identity Management, and AD Security & Auditing.

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Setka Solutions offers tactical consulting services to help you overcome a knowledge gap, handle a critical vendor escalation or put out a fire. Unlike some consulting organizations that are only interested in large, expensive blocks of billable hours, Setka Solutions is available to assist in very short term situations. Our consultants hold certifications on solutions from Quest Software and One Identity with 15+ years’ experience delivering successful projects. Learn more about our Consulting Services.

Have technical training needs? Our Certified Trainers can provide anything from just-in-time knowledge transfer to customized training workshops, delivered remotely or onsite. Learn more about our Training Offerings.

Setka provides an array of unique “Integrator to Integrator” support services ranging from technical product overviews and demos, to technical sales assistance, project mentoring and co-delivery.  Learn more about our unique Integrator Support Services.

Ready for a conversation to discuss your specific requirements or receive a quote? Contact us at or 1.888.236.1754.